Uzbekistan’s Zaamin is all set to become a 4-season tourist hotspot soon

Published on : Monday, October 5, 2020

Uzbekistan’s Zaamin region, based 2,500 meters above the sea level and drawing the ones who prefer cooler weather during the hot summers, will be transformed into a tourism region with the contribution of a Turkish company.

On Sunday, Zaamin’s Deputy Mayor, Ismadiyar Aralov informed Anadolu Agency that the region which bears a resemblance to Switzerland because of its climate and pine forests is the most favored places by the ones who are keen to flee from May-August temperatures.

Highlighting that Zaamin has all opportunities in regard to tourism in all four seasons, Aralov mentioned that located between the two big cities, Tashkent and Samarkand, this region borders Tajikistan and is pretty close to Kazakhstan. He added that this acts as a benefit in terms of tourism development.

Together with a Turkish company, they have started working in the region.
“Turkey has a vast experience in tourism. With this in mind, we chose to work with a Turkish company,” he said.

The Uzbek official said that a “master plan” with a budget of $300 million was all set as a result of the joint work with the Turkish company. He also added that the project covers a total area of 700 hectares.
Aralov observed that within the scope of this said project in the region, mountain tourism, sports tourism, health tourism and gastronomic tourism can be developed at the same time.

He mentioned that numerous facilities will be built in the region, like ski centers, golf courses, indoor and outdoor sports facilities and a series of hotels.

Aralov also highlighted the fact that in Zaamin, where almost 10 hotels and more than 100 guest houses are there at present, the number of visitors, which is approximately 300,000 per year, can reach 1.5 million as a result of this project.

Emphasizing that the region will serve visitors all through the year, Aralov stated that works in regard to road infrastructure, sewerage, electricity and natural gas supply are continuing.

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