New York City named one of world’s top ten best walking cities

One of the best ways of exploring a new city is by ditching the car and strolling along the streets, taking in the sights and discovering hidden gems you may have missed while driving.

New York City took third place, scoring 41.75 out of 60 on the Walkability Scale, with points awarded for climate, air quality/ CO2 emissions, safety, walking trails, nature & parks and hours of sunshine. 

New York City had the highest
number of walking trails (1000) out of the 28 cities included within the study,
making it the ideal city break location to explore solely on foot. 

In the midst of the world’s busiest cities, nature attractions offer a sense of peace and relaxation. In fact, COVID-19 Travel Sentiment Monitor has revealed that 35% of us are planning a nature-focused trip this year. New York City ranked fifth for Nature & Parks with a recorded 133.

But how did the rest of the
world stack up?

Here are 10 of the
world’s most pedestrian-friendly cities:

  1. Vienna, Austria – 45
  2. Lisbon, Portugal – 44.55 
  3. New York City, USA – 41.75
  4. Tokyo, Japan – 41.70 
  5. Beijing, China – 41.55 
  6. Seoul, South Korea – 41.50 
  7. Madrid, Spain – 39.50
  8. Prague, Czech Republic – 38.75 
  9. London, England – 37.90 
  10. Paris, France – 37.75 

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