Taiwan all prepared to reopen to foreign tourism

Published on : Thursday, October 8, 2020

The Ministry of Transportation and Communications, Taiwan, has recently declared that the Republic of China is all set to kick-start re-opening to foreign visitors in a gradual manner.

As per MOTC officials, in three stages transportation and tourism will be re-opened. The last stage will allow overseas visitors to explore the country by October, hopefully though. Taiwan as a whole have around 500 confirmed cases and just 7 deaths from the onset of the pandemic. The residents of Taipei appear quite relaxing as there has been only one suspected case linked to local transmission since mid-April.

In the months since its successful response to the virus outbreak, the world has gained a greater appreciation of Taiwan’s ability to cope and meet head-on with problems. The response of Taiwan to COVID-19 without imposing a lockdown has actually showed its spirit at the same time capacity for unity of purpose. If you get to peek into Taiwan right at this moment, one may believe that the pandemic never came to this country. One can see young groups of people exercising and practicing dance in the park, citizens enjoying the hot midday sun than social distancing; restaurants and eateries are crowded and they are enjoying their delicious meals and so much more making you believe life here is somewhat odd compared to the rest of the world.

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