UK Government implements Travel Safe plans for Holiday makers

Published on : Friday, October 9, 2020

Travel safe norms may now include self-isolation for holiday makers before they jet into the UK as per the fresh norms and the Government also introduces trial airport testing. Holiday mongers may be requested to self-isolate on reaching the airport after testing by the Government’s new travel task force.

The boffins, that included eminent thinkers such as key scientists, and Government officials, are yet to finalise on testing decision for those arriving into the UK for Covid even after several months of the pandemic situation.

It is still under discussion that tourists might be tested for Covid after spending self-isolation period. Sources have mentioned that there are chances of reducing the quarantine period from 14 days to seven, eight or may be five days.

From a recent report based on the study published by the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, Ministers comprehended that about 94 per cent of cases are picked up after seven days, and over 80 per cent of infections are discovered after five. This decision is yet not confirmed and the self-isolation time frame is to be confirmed and signed by Chief Medical Officer Chris Whitty and will be made official later.

On arrival the coronavirus testing expenses will be paid by the passengers and no additional burden will be taken by the NHS. The Sun further hinted on the need for self- isolation before initiating travel and they are discussing the issue with the state department in the USA.

In a recent interview the Transport Secretary Grant Shapps mentioned that such new approaches have saved lives at the border and the new developments in science have streamlined life saving efforts by re –emphasising the testing method. This has proved effective in the world travel sector in saving lives.

Health Secretary Matt Hancock added that with the new task force the Government is ready to implement new regulations and take advanced steps to control virus spread and keep the country safe by preventing importing of covid cases.

Paul Charles, CEO of travel consultancy The PC Agency, has suggested a five-day quarantine period and tests on arrival. He further added that the new travel force is expected to work diligently and ensure trouble-free implementation of the system in November to support travel with innovative approaches and safety solutions.

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