Tips to consider to make LED lights more effective, where to put LED bay lights?

When large interior spaces need to be lit, high bay lighting is usually appropriate. Consider spaces such as manufacturing facilities, gyms, warehouses, department stores, factories, and more; these facilities are usually spacious and include many vertical and horizontal spaces. This requires strong lighting to provide the appropriate level of foot wax to illuminate adequately. LED bay lights fixtures usually hang from the ceiling through hooks, chains, or pendants, or can be mounted directly to the ceiling (similar to a troffer lamp).

Considering the size and design of
the warehouse.

Outside the
area, the height of the ceiling and its shelves’ location affect the arrangement
of lighting. For example, we need to use a denser range of high bay linear
projection lamps to illuminate a narrow hallway. So for the high ceiling, it
would be better to use a smaller beam angle to preserve the floor’s brightness.
If you have a low ceiling and a spacious area, we can use a wider beam angle
and less dense matrix for better uniformity.

Lighting glare

The dazzling
light causes discomfort for the storekeeper. There are many dangerous machines
and tools inside the warehouse, such as forklifts. The intense glare irritates
their eyes and affects them when they see people or property near them.
According to the latest report, around 15% of accidents are related to poor
lighting. And therefore, having a good warehouse lighting system is vital. LED
products are equipped with exclusive lenses with a built-in glare control
function. This design can reduce glare by 60% compared to conventional lighting
fixtures such as metal halide and halogen spotlights.

Dimming function for warehouse

The primary
function of dimming is to maintain consistency in shine throughout the day.
During the day, since a lot of sunlight is coming through the windows, we can
dim the warehouse lighting. At night, we can increase the brightness to provide
adequate brightness for workers. This flexible handling helps maintain the best
working environment.

The dimmer
is also very useful for saving energy. As there are many functions in the
warehouse, and each of them has the best light requirement. For example, we
need more lumens for repair and less for general storage. It would be
convenient to use if the warehouse lighting can be dimmed for each use, without
reinstalling the light.

The aisle
lighting in our warehouse supports both PWM and DMX dimming systems. You can
also select the photo sensor and motion sensor to detect light and people,
respectively. If there is no need to turn on the light or use full brightness,
the dimmer will automatically dim the brightness.

Select bay lights with high lighting

Have you
ever found that the light is not as bright even at 1000W? As they have very low
energy efficiency, the brightness is very low even if you use the “high
power” fixture. However, LEDs have 8-10 times the luminous efficiency of
these conventional lamps. And so, 100W LED replaces halogen or metal halide
lamps of 1000W; we have different wattages for LED lighting products, from 60W
to 10000W, so that you can always find the most suitable lighting solutions.

Choose high-quality products

installation cost is generally comparable to the cost of the lamp. So,
selecting the high quality that works the longest will save you on maintenance
costs in the long run. LED lights have a lifespan of 80,000 hours, which is
equivalent to 30 years of use based on 6 to 7 hours of use per day. If you use
metal halides, you may have found that you need to replace them almost every
few months or every year. This is because the brightness decreases very quickly
for non-LED lights.

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