Preparing for a Career as a Digital Nomad

The traditional work environment has changed since
younger generations have entered the workforce. Few millennials want to spend
their lives sitting in a cubicle from nine to five, and fewer still want to
feel stuck working for the same company in the same position until retirement.

Fortunately, nine to five isn’t the only option for
the young workforce. Technology has given rise to flexible freelancing jobs
that enable you to set your own working hours and create your own office
wherever you want to.

So, if cubicles aren’t your cup of tea, you might enjoy working as a digital nomad. There are well over 4.8 million digital nomads just in the US alone. So, you’d be joining a career that’s truly booming. But if you want to be good at it, you need to prepare well. Take a look at a few tips that will help you succeed as a digital nomad.

Get Informed Before You Pack Your

The most appealing aspect of being a digital nomad is getting the chance to travel to countries you’ve always dreamed of. From renowned cities to tropical islands and remote villages, you can visit them all while working and earning an income that pays for these unique experiences.

But you cannot just blindly go to any random place.
Just like you’d research a vacation destination beforehand, you should research
the country you want to visit as a digital nomad. Learning about the culture,
the locals, the cuisine, and more will help you adjust to your new environment

But more than this, it’s important to get informed
about a country’s digital infrastructure. Can you expect excellent internet
connectivity that will enable you to keep working, or should you invest in
mobile data and portable Wi-Fi? Is any content geo-blocked in the country? Do
you have open internet access, or is censorship common? Do your research and
find out whether you can safely work online before you travel to a country as a
digital nomad.

Invest in High-Quality Gear

If you want to be a successful digital nomad, you need
to have top-of-the-line gear that will enable you to work seamlessly. A
mediocre laptop will only cause problems if you find yourself in a place where
you cannot get parts or where you cannot find licensed repair services.

So, upgrade your gear before you set off on an
adventure. Investing a little bit more in high-quality equipment will pay off,
as you won’t have to worry about it breaking or glitching.

Your equipment will be your bread and butter, and
you’ll want to keep it safe and maintain it properly. Bring instruction manuals
with you just in case and determine whether the brand you’re using has a
licensed shop in the country you’re going to.

As a bonus tip – don’t work on the beach. That’s a
digital nomad stereotype you’ll often see, but it’s not practical. Not only
will you find it impossible to focus, but you’ll risk damaging your equipment.
Sand and water can get pretty much everywhere, so it won’t be a pleasant

Consider a VPN Subscription

As you’ll be traveling across the world, it will be
much more affordable to connect to available public Wi-Fi hotspots than to
invest in a plan with expensive roaming charges. Public Wi-Fi is notoriously
dangerous as pretty much anyone could intercept your connection to it, monitor
your work, and steal your data. Dealing with cybersecurity issues is probably
the least appealing aspect of the digital nomad career.

So, to keep your peace of mind and protect your data, it’s best to get Atlas VPN for nomads. Not only will it help to keep your and your clients’ data secure, but it will help you bypass internet censorship and any geo-blocked content you might come across. A VPN is a must-have if you’re planning on being a digital nomad.

Up Your Cybersecurity Practices

Using a VPN isn’t the only cybersecurity measure you
should follow. You’ll need to up your security on the whole to avoid data
breaches, hackers, cyberattacks.

At the very least, you should stay informed about the latest cybersecurity practices, improve your password protection, and keep all your programs and software up to date. Passwords are the first line of defense against cybercriminals. So, you’ll want to ensure that each of your passwords is strong, unique, and random. No one should be able to guess your password.

If an app allows for it, always turn on two-factor
authentication as an extra security measure. As far as software updates are
concerned, you should always go through with them. Most updates include bug
fixes and vulnerability patches, so they’ll help keep you safe.

The Bottom Line

Becoming a digital nomad can be a dream come true for
most people, but it requires extensive preparation and research. By following
the tips mentioned above, you’ll find it easier to work and travel safely, and
you’ll enjoy your experience as a digital nomad.

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