Ways to revive Mysuru tourism industry

Published on : Saturday, October 17, 2020

Mysuru region is dependent on tourism as its most important economic activity. Tourism is the worst hit industry due to the pandemic. All other industrial activities are slowly picking up but tourism will take at least one or two years to return to pre-Covid levels. There are, however, ways to revive this industry and make Mysuru a vibrant and new tourism destination.

  1. It is important to “brand” Mysuru either as a “royal heritage destination” or a “sandalwood city” and then the brand needs to be marketed well. Jaipur, another heritage destination, is branded and marketed as a pink city. All Government buildings and the arches are painted in a single pink color. Similarly, a color can be chosen for Mysuru and all the Government buildings can be painted in that one colour.
  2. The Maharaja has been appointed as the brand ambassador of Mysuru. The Tourism Department needs to appoint a top class agency to make 30 second films with the Maharaja in traditional dress, explaining various destinations in and around Mysuru like Melkote, Somanathapura, Nagarahole, etc., in English and Hindi. A classic example of this is actor Amitabh Bachchan in traditional dress talking about Gujarat’s tourism spots.
    These films can be shown in all major international fairs which the tourism officials can attend every year. These films can also be shown in local and national TV channels to get high-class domestic tourists visit Mysuru.
  3. This year’s Dasara is a disappointment and is being held for the sake of being held. But for next year’s Dasara, the Maharaja can be persuaded to be a part of the procession in his Silver Chariot along with 100 Policemen dressed in traditional Palace uniform with spears and others.

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