New Zealand provokes travelers to discover beyond the beaten paths

Published on : Saturday, February 6, 2021

New Zealand is expecting that the tourism strategy of the Destination Management Organization is all set to drive focus away from ‘instagrammable’ locations, developing the earlier strategy of “Do something new” and promoting it to “Share something new”, setting up its own marketing strategy and enthusing travel to all the remote locations.

As the borders of New Zealand are closed to majority of foreign travelers, domestic tourism will be vital in starting the industry again in NZ, where tourism is one of the key contributors to GDP. After following almost nine months of severe lockdown, which have been successful in eliminating the virus in the country, several locals will get frantic to start their travel regime once again, even if it is to domestic destinations.

The campaign enthuses travelers to stop ‘traveling under the social influence’. It aims to drive visitation to new and remote areas. Social media is becoming increasingly important worldwide. The purpose of a trip has been shifted from enjoyment to being on social like Instagram, TikTok and Facebook.

Almost 65% of global respondents were ‘interested’ in social media and about 24% actively bought products advertised on these platforms on a random basis, as per a GlobalData survey of 2019. As it’s hoped, the millennial population is influenced more by social media than any other demographic. On the other hand, 80% global of respondents in this age range were ‘influenced’ by social platforms. These survey results actually pinpoint the significance of social media and its influence on general consumer and travel behaviors.

Nevertheless, a new tourism strategy creates the chance for new and not quite known places and tourism businesses, whilst relieving the pressure of overtourism on popular sites.

The tourism board of New Zealand is offering a $500 NZD ($359 USD) domestic travel voucher prize. It is expected to draw anyone who shares a photo of themselves ‘doing something different’ on social channels. More people will see it as posted on social media, and more and more will desire to visit, taking attention away from the famous attractions and perking up demands for the lesser known, which will eventually boost up financial benefits of tourism across NZ. The prompt of a prize for discovering beyond the beaten path is a clever move in creating exposure on social media, acting as a relatively inexpensive marketing strategy that has a wide reach and influences consumer behavior.

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