Puerto Rico Paves the Way for Green Initiatives With Eco-Friendly Hotels

Puerto Rico is an island of incredible natural beauty.

From its tropical rainforest to its beaches, mountains, caves and three of the world’s five bioluminescent bays, the island offers nature lovers incredible experiences.

Puerto Rico
Hix Island House (photo via Discover Puerto Rico)

The desire for more sustainable and eco-friendly accommodations is on the rise after the world witnessed the impact of COVID-19 and with Earth Day coming up on April 22, Discover Puerto Rico put together a list of the island’s best eco-friendly accommodations.

The Hix Island House in Vieques sits on a 13-acre refuge. It uses solar power and collects rainwater for gardening. The hotel has won two awards for its green efforts and also offers a limited Internet service, so guests can feel truly immersed without distraction.

Puerto Rico
Casa Grande Mountain Retreat (photo via Casa Grande Mountain Retreat)

Utuado’s Casa Grande Mountain Retreat was once a coffee plantation, but has now become an outdoor oasis. With 107-acres at their disposal, guests can take guided hikes along the mountain, learn about the native bird species or just enjoy the natural scenery. The hotel has won the Puerto Rico Hotel and Tourism Association’s “Green Inn of the Year” four times. It even prohibits TVs and radios to reduce noise pollution.

Did you know that Puerto Rico has several local coffee-growers? At Hacienda La Mocha in Ponce, guests can learn all about the coffee growing process at a sustainable coffee farm. It’s also a butterfly and bird sanctuary, and also has a farm-to-table restaurant to enjoy. While it is temporarily closed, it is a great eco-friendly option for the future.

Puerto Rico
Finca Victoria Pool (photo via Discover Puerto Rico)

Lastly, Finca Victoria in Vieques is a dog-friendly farmhouse perfect for a self-care vacation, with free morning yoga classes, vegan breakfasts, an essential oil-making station and a great selection of spa treatments. It also has an open kitchen, where you can watch chefs prepare farm-to-table meals.

There are so many great options to take a relaxing, sustainable vacation in Puerto Rico. For more information, please visit Discover Puerto Rico.

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