Tourism needs to provide better customer service and increase employee loyalty

Published on : Saturday, April 3, 2021

Among other things that the tourism and travel industry has learned from the COVID-19 pandemic is the importance of good and loyal employees.

The tourism sector is known for high employee turnover possibly due to often low pay and sometimes temperamental managers.

Employees constitute the front-line workers who uphold the tourism experience for any company.

Everyone aims to have loyal employees; however, few tourism businesses know how to win this loyalty. In fact, tourism is known for high employee turnover, low pay, and often unpredictable management. It cannot be overlooked that employee-employer relations often impact the tourism experience becoming a major form of positive or negative marketing.

Good management inspires loyalty resulting in customer service that brings in repeat (loyal) customers. For creating this employee loyalty, here are few suggestions for increasing employees’ loyalty, providing a better customer service experience:

< Among the principal reasons that tourism employees often complain about their jobs are lack of clearly set goals, lack of challenging work and fair compensation. These are three areas in which tourism management needs improvement.

< Employees should know that you are part of a single team. Good employers understand that salary increases are much more important to those at the bottom of the ladder than to those at the top. Lead employees by example and not merely through words.

< Set out what you expect from employees and not assume anything. Employers have the right to expect that propriety information stays confidential, that personal issues should not impact job performance, and that employees will listen before doing anything. Employers also have a right to stop idle gossiping at job; to enforce laws protecting other employees from a hostile workplace and tackle issues of sexual, ethnic, and religious discrimination.

< Make employees understand what type of customer service you want them to provide by treating them as customers. Tourists tend to figure out how reliable are you; do you fulfill promises or simply utter them? Whether you are receptive to special needs or merely quote company regulations, and whether employees enjoy their jobs or they are merely putting in time for getting a paycheck?

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