Relocation of All-Star Game Will Cost Georgia $100 Million in Tourism, Officials Say

Major League Baseball’s decision to relocate the 2021 All-Star Game from Atlanta in July will cost the Georgia city and surrounding Cobb County area some $100 million in tourist money, an official said.

MLB pulled the annual All-Star Game out of Georgia to protest the state’s new voter restriction bill, which many opponents have labeled a voter suppression bill.


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Holly Quinlan, president and CEO of Cobb Travel and Tourism, told CNN in a statement that the “estimated lost economic impact” of the league’s decision is over $100 million.

“In the initial stages of the pandemic, many Cobb [County] hotels saw single-digit occupancy numbers,” Quinlan said according to a recap by The Hill. “The 8,000-plus contracted hotel room nights that will not actualize as a result of the MLB All-Star Game relocation will have a negative impact on Cobb’s hospitality industry and other local businesses, further delaying recovery.”

Later, in a news conference, Quinlan said the game “would have been a big boost to Cobb businesses and help with recovery efforts after the COVID-19 pandemic. We are proud of the work that many community partners have dedicated to planning the All-Star Game activities. And we will continue, as we always do, to show who we are in Cobb through our outreach, customer service, and hard work.”

Once again it is an example of another decision split by party lines. Democrats say the bill signed into law in Georgia targets minorities; Republicans say it tightens election laws and prevents fraud.

Former President Donald Trump called for a boycott of Major League Baseball while fellow Republican lawmakers – including Sens. Mike Lee (Utah) and Ted Cruz (Texas) and Rep. Jeff Duncan (South Carolina) called for an end to the league’s antitrust status.

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