The new permit rule allows tourist vehicle to carry individual passengers as well

Published on : Monday, April 5, 2021

The new All-India tourist permit rules that got effectual from April 1st have agreed to allow tourist vehicles to transport passengers individually also and not necessarily in a group apart from facilitating them to put the tax online centrally rather than pay the same individually to the states concerned on the borders.

The new provisions named ‘The All India Tourist Vehicles (Authorisation or Permit) Rules, 2021’ may, though, would take little more time to get completely functional in UP, similar to other states, with the National Informatics Centre (NIC) developing the necessary system.

To quote transport commissioner Dheeraj Sahu, “The new all-India permits rules have been notified coming into effect from April 1 but it may take some time for the new system to be fully operational before the NIC in Delhi makes necessary changes in the software.” He said that the new rules had many crucial provisions to help the transporters associated with tourism.

Of the new rules, the most prominent feature as per another senior transport official is that now any transporter with an all-India tourist permit can take passengers individually from different locations to different destinations without any hindrance. “Though the same has not been explained in as many words, its interpretation means the same,” he claimed.

So far, a transporter could carry tourists only in a group and not individually after getting hold of a contract carriage permit that would be suitable for the specified routes and for the number of days mentioned. “But now they can get permits on an annual basis and operate on any route across the country taking passengers from and dropping at different points,” said the officials.

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