Travelers Are Spending Up To 20% More on Holiday Vacations for Revenge Travel

Club Med analyzed what their guests are booking this February 2021 as opposed to February 2020, and found some startling differences, highlighting the burgeoning revenge travel, or upsizing, trend.

Revenge travel is a term that refers to the trend of people booking longer, more expensive vacations or booking more frequent travel this year because of the lack of travel opportunities people had in 2020.


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With more people eager to travel and having saved up more money this year because they couldn’t go to concerts, sporting events or vacations, people are spending on average twenty percent more on vacations this year.

Club Med’s Turkey, Greece and Portugal properties are receiving the most bookings, probably because they’re incredibly popular bucket-list destinations that hope to reopen later this year.

“The last year has been difficult for both holidaymakers and travel companies alike. We’ve wanted to give people the holiday they deserve, but due to restrictions, this has largely not been possible,” said Estelle Giraudeau, Managing Director U.K. & Northern Europe at Club Med. “It’s great to see that holidaymakers are now using their saved up money to rightly treat themselves after a long time of inactivity. This has been reflected in the increase in average booking cost proving that our customers are looking for a holiday to make up for all those missed in 2020. The popularity of sun destinations close to the UK also shows the public yearning for a summer holiday once international travel is back on the cards.”

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