Domestic travel in times of pandemic expected to witness improvement

Published on : Wednesday, May 26, 2021

Travel in the times of pandemic is almost an oxymoron! With no end of the pandemic yet in sight, one has either to sit at home, or move around with precautions and restrictions or be an eternal optimist and make a wish list for the post Covid-19 era.

March 22, 2020, when the lockdown was announced first is a date difficult to overlook. Suddenly, we were forced to confine us indoors. However, in spite of all restrictions, people adjusted quickly to the first wave of corona virus and eventually started venturing out, even out of cities on short-term holidays. Going to the Maldives, a nation that remained unaffected by the virus for a long time, suddenly became a rage. Nevertheless, the virus resurfaced with a vengeance this April.

International travel is expected to be affected for quite some time now, till the vaccination drive gathers momentum and immunizes the majority of our population. Till then, domestic tourism might gather speed and development.

The “Aas Paas” brand of tourism piloted by Madhya Pradesh almost a decade ago is expected to see a rebirth. People are more likely to feel safe and confident regarding exploring nearby places and seeking a different experience within drivable distances from their homes. Delhi and its surroundings are expected to witness a lot of road travel to hill stations in Himachal and Uttarakhand. Cross-country tourism might witness a decline by train or road in favor of air travel.

Rail travel might be affected for a long term. Majority of passenger trains have been postponed since the start if Covid-19. Long-distance travel is most likely to be impacted in the short to medium term.

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