The World of Virtual Reality Travel Videos Is Sky Rocketing

In what seems to be the year that showed us the importance of Zoom meetings and Virtual Reality (VR) Travel Videos, Steve Perillo, CEO of Perillo Tours was ahead of the curve when he ventured into the world of virtual reality back in February 2018.

Steve partnered with travel industry sales & marketing executive John C. Graham to embark on the creation of Travel World VR (TWVR). The new VR technology/production/distribution company provides an immersive 360° VR travel experience for its viewers. The VR experience can be viewed on a VR headset, smartphone, desktop or tablet.


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TWVR has been in high demand during the pandemic but unfortunately was forced to temporarily stop producing videos during the unprecedented travel shutdown. But as a goodwill gesture, TWVR has been placing travel suppliers 360/VR videos on their Travel World VR app (launched 12/19), allowing all categories of travel suppliers to continue to engage with their audience of travel advisors during and after the pandemic.

While supplies last, TWVR is also providing FREE custom branded VR headsets to travel advisors who download the app. All you have to do is type travel world VR into your phone’s app store and click on the menu icon.

Now that the borders are reopening and phones are ringing again, John and his production team will be back on the road, traveling the world, fulfilling the VR production needs of the travel industry. Eventually, TWVR wants to take its platform to the point where computers, tablets and phones are no longer used. The VR videos will be loaded in headsets for the viewer’s true immersive experience.

According to Steve Perillo, VR videos are no longer a luxury but a necessity for travel suppliers and sellers. VR videos are going to speed up the booking process for travel advisors, as they can download VR videos from the TWVR app and send them directly to their clients, the consumer. Steve and John want all travel suppliers to know that TWVR is available to produce state-of-the-art VR videos at a price they can afford.

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