Finance Minister Zdravko Maric says August numbers as pretty good

Published on : Monday, August 16, 2021

Poslovni Dnevnik has written that Maric stated that the initial twelve days of August, Croatia has recorded 10 billion kuna worth of fiscalised receipts/bills. This is 12.5 percent more than in the same time in pre-pandemic, record 2019.

To quote Finance Minister Zdravko Maric, ”Since the beginning of the year, we’re 1.3 percent better than we were even back in 2019. Let’s carry on and do everything we can to continue these trends. We need to focus more on the cost side of the budget, because revenues, obviously, aren’t going to fail. The key to our success in the long-term sustainability of public finances lies in expenditures.”

The tourist season of Croatia, keeping in mind the continuing pandemic, is good and is one way or another breaking the 2019’s records. According to the Tax Administration, the rise in the total amount of fiscal bills and receipts issued in the first week of August was probably due to price rise, especially in the provision of accommodation and food services.

The number of receipts issued in the first statistical week of August decreased by 13 percent compared to the same week of the record year 2019. However, the total amount of fiscal receipts increased by 23 percent.

“Of the activities within the fiscal system, we’re mostly monitoring retail trade and tourism. Compared to 2019, trade is 6 to 8 percent better, depending on whether we look at trade in total or just retail, and total tourism is currently in the red by 21.5 percent. That said, in July, tourism was 5 percent better than it was back in July 2019, and in the first 12 days of August, it’s as much as 20.4 percent better. Of course, it would be more correct to wait until the end of the month and compare ”the same with the same”, but these are also very strong figures for August,” concluded Finance Minister Zdravko Maric.

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