Utah, Hawaii, Idaho, Kentucky, New Mexico: The most sleepless states in the US

  • New data finds that those living in Utah are Googling sleep problems more than any other state in America.
  • Hawaii and Idaho are the second and third most sleepless states respectively according to Google searches. 
  • Hawaii was also the state that searched ‘How to sleep’ the third highest amount.

The study by sleep experts analyzed Google trends data to create an index to establish a definitive ranking of which states are getting the least amount of sleep and are searching for help the most.

The terms studied included, ‘I can’t sleep’, ‘How to sleep’, ‘Sleep help’ and ‘Better sleep’. 

Utah Googled sleep issues and problems more than any other state in America, searching sleep problems at a consistently higher rate than other states. Residents in Utah googled ‘How to sleep’ more than any other state in the US.  

Hawaii is the second most sleepless state in America with an index score of 24. This comes as a result of Hawaii being the state that Googled ‘I can’t sleep’ the second most out of all fifty states. Hawaii was also the state that searched ‘How to sleep’ the third highest amount, bringing the average sleepless Google searches for the state up.

Idaho is the third most sleepless state in the US according to Google searches. Idaho searched for ‘How to sleep’ at the second highest volume of any of the states whilst also searching for ‘I can’t sleep’, the third highest amount of any states, contributing to their sleepless score.

New Hampshire searched for the term ‘I can’t sleep’ the most out of all fifty states, yet searched for the other three sleepless terms far less in comparison, giving the state an overall sleepless score of 84 – making it the 17th most sleepless state in America.  

North Dakota residents Googled ‘Better sleep’ more than any other state despite proving to be one of the least sleepless states, ranking as the 41st most sleepless state with a sleepless score of 138 compared to Utah’s 23.  

The Most Sleepless States in America, according to Google:

State  Score 
Utah  23 
Hawaii  24 
Idaho  37 
Kentucky  47 
New Mexico  53 
Oklahoma  55 
West Virginia  63 
Wisconsin  66 
Tennessee  72 
Kansas  73 
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