I own a hotel and this is how guests can get a free upgrade on their room – ‘don’t be greedy’

THE owner of a boutique hotel has shared some tips on how guests can bag a free upgrade on their room.

If you’re thinking of spending a night or two in a hotel soon, then these tips might come in handy.

A hotel owner has revealed how you can get a free room upgrade


A hotel owner has revealed how you can get a free room upgrade

From checking in at the right time to not being too greedy, there are simple tricks guests can do to help wangle them a nicer room, without paying for it.

Hotel owner James Marshall has shared his advice on question and answer site Quora.

Check in at the right time

James’s first tip is to know when it’s the best time to check in.

Although it might seem logical to check in early in the day to be the first guest to ask for an upgrade, checking in as soon as possible isn’t the best move.

It’s actually better to check in later on in the afternoon.

He said: “Check in later in the day, not immediately when check in commences.

“If you ask for an upgrade too early in the day, the hotel may say no because they still feel that there is a chance they will sell the empty rooms.

Don’t be greedy

If you’re booked into to cheapest room and you ask to be upgraded to the presidential suite, you might be laughed out of the hotel lobby.

James said it’s best to ask within reason, and not to be too greedy.

He said: “Ask for an upgrade of only one level of room quality [above yours].

“Don’t book their cheapest room and ask for their best room when you check in.

“That will likely annoy reception staff.”

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Know what’s available

James’s next piece of advice is to know what rooms will be available before you ask.

If the hotel is fairly full, your chances will be slim.

He said: “Check their website or other booking websites to confirm they have plenty of availability.

“If it is a busy night with only a few rooms left, your chances are not good because they may anticipate last minute reservations of walk ins.

“In which case, they will want to reserve their last few rooms to offer these last minute sales.”

Book smart

Following on from the above tip, it makes sense to book at a time when there will be more rooms available.

The more free rooms there are, the more likely you are to be upgraded.

James said: “Book your stay in an off peak period when there is more likelihood that your hotel will have spare rooms.”

Dress well

If you’ve just got off a flight and you’re feeling groggy, looking good might not be high on your agenda.

But it might be beneficial to throw on a nice shirt and flash a smile at hotel staff.

James said: “Dress neatly and ask politely.

“Hotel staff have to deal with a range of different personalities at the front desk, but a polite, friendly and easy-going person will always be appreciated.”

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Checking in at the right time and dressing well might help you get upgraded for free


Checking in at the right time and dressing well might help you get upgraded for free
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