Social media and its accountability

Published on : Monday, December 20, 2021

Things operating without a code, guidelines and regulations means susceptibility to going lost and hence with no accountability and also possibly a field chance for undesirable and criminal elements to operate. Therefore as a consequence, for omissions, commissions and falsehood, there is vagueness for facing consequences, if not absolute implied immunity of the law.

Information Technology and digital world are meant to attain objectives of fastest communication, exchanging of latest in the world of education, technology, and what not through various modes of social media platforms. Social media gives immediate electronic communication of content with photos, videos, personal information, documents etc which the users receive through computers, smart phones, tablets etc. Nevertheless, the system is very much prone to misuse and heaping untold harm on individuals, societies and even the country.

Therefore, social media platforms should be made responsible to provide and ensure greater transparency around their algorithms? Should their policies be subjected to provide an even more responsible image? Again, should such social media platforms be held very much accountable for spreading fake and misleading, information with provocative contents thereof in part or whole for questionable ends? Another issue is about personal data protection and its importance simply for the reason, in common parlance, that individuals engaging themselves on line, are continuing to having the trust that their personal data will not be misused in anyway. It is, perhaps, only on account of the social media and personal data protection in numerous instances being misused, has finally considered to have an opinion/ report / recommendations on these issues by a Parliamentary Committee for reforms and suggesting regulatory mechanism.

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