Car Rental Rates Triple Over the Holidays

Boston is the second most expensive US destination for renting a car over the festive period this year, according to a survey by

The survey compared car rental rates across 50 US destinations for the period spanning December 21-27. Each city’s major airport was set as the rental pick-up and drop-off location.

With a rate of $718 for a week’s rental of the cheapest available car, prices in Boston are an eye-popping 192% more expensive over the holiday season than average rates at other times of the year, the survey found.

The podium is completed by Fort Lauderdale in Florida, where rates are roughly twice as high as normal this Christmas. Other destinations with significant price hikes include San Francisco, Atlanta and Orlando.

The following table shows the most expensive destinations for renting a car this Christmas. For comparison, alongside this year’s rates the average rates during January 2022 are shown in brackets. The initial prices reflect the rate for the cheapest available car during the period December 21-27, 2021. Only rental car companies located at each destination’s major airport were considered for the survey.

1.            Honolulu $754 (+64%)

2.            Boston $718 (+192%)

3.            Fort Lauderdale $709 (+111%)

4.            Charleston $677 (+15%)

5.            Sarasota $646 (+49%)

6.            Orlando $631 (+84%)

7.            Tampa $580 (+52%)

8.            San Francisco $561 (+89%)

9.            Los Angeles $539 (+33%)

10.         Atlanta $511 (+89%)

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