The scary reason you should never use the ‘please clean room’ signs while staying at a hotel

NEXT time you stay at a hotel, you might be tempted to ask staff to clean your room while you’re at the swimming pool, especially during Covid times.

However, using the “please clean my room” sign could be more harm than it’s worth – and see your room broken into.

 Using the 'please clean room' sign can alert thieves to a room being empty


Using the ‘please clean room’ sign can alert thieves to a room being emptyCredit: Getty – Contributor

According to the Express, experts warn that guests should avoid using the Do Not Disturb signs altogether as it reveals that your room is empty to thieves.

This means they could target your room to take things from if they know you are not in there.

If you do want the service, another way to get it without alerting opportunists is to call directly to reception and ask them to send a cleaner.

That way the room will still be cleaned, without alerting anyone that your room is empty in the process.

A former hotel worker also revealed why you should never carry around the key card holder you are given after checking in.

Justin Aldrich, who worked at hotels for more than seven years, said that guests who lose their key card wallet which has the room number on it, put their belongings at risk.


This is because anyone could pick it up and go straight to the room – something which can’t happen if you just drop the key.

There are plenty of other ways to keep a hotel room secure, such as using a door stop from the inside if you are staying in the room alone.

While most hotel rooms doors are fairly secure, even the strongest intruder would struggle to break through a door with a doorstop wedged from the other side.

A safety expert has said that the safest rooms are between the second and fourth floors, for a number of reasons.

And a hotel worker recently revealed the worst thing that guests always ask them when they were checking in.

 If you want your room cleaned, you should call reception instead


If you want your room cleaned, you should call reception insteadCredit: Getty
I’m a hotel worker and customers always ask the same thing at check-in

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