UAE tops the chart as the most preferred destination for Indian travellers

Published on : Wednesday, December 22, 2021

For Indian tourists, the United Arab Emirates is the top destination; today the official Emirates News Agency reported the same.

From January through March, on tourist visas, almost 314,495 Indian citizens travelled to the UAE, as per the statistics provided by the Indian Foreign Minister, Vellamvelly Muraleedhara, to India’s parliament. This is the last period for which data was available. From March 2020, the figure represented a 50% rise, when the pandemic was beginning to take a grip, as per the agency.

In the United Arab Emirates, more than 3 million Indian citizens live. There are only around 1 million Emirati citizens in the country. To the UAE, Indians travel not only for tourism but for business as well as family visit. 6,385,504 Indians went to the UAE in 2019, as per the statistics from India’s Ministry of Tourism.

Currently, Indians can visit the UAE on tourist visas in spite of the pandemic. However, from India travellers must submit to extra testing for COVID-19.

At present, the Emirati government is looking for good business relation with India. The Dubai-based logistics company, DP World, in October, declared about an agreement to develop infrastructure in the disputed Jammu and Kashmir region of India.

In South Asia, India, as a major power and economy and is crucial for many Middle East countries. Also, Saudi Arabia wants to boost trade business with India. Israel hopes its normalization agreement with the UAE will help it do more business with India.

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