I used to work at Disney World and these are the worst guests – and it isn’t the kids

A FORMER Disney World photographer has revealed the secrets of his job – including the worst guests and the stupidest things people do.

George Burnash II, who worked as a PhotoPass photographer at Disney World for five years, said that kids weren’t the problem, but the parents.

A former Disney worker revealed the worst kind of guests he encountered.


A former Disney worker revealed the worst kind of guests he encountered.Credit: Alamy

He explained on Reddit: “Honestly I ran into a lot more ‘entitled adults’ than I did kids.

“People who didn’t think they had to wait in line like everyone else, or one person wanting to save 20 seats on the train.

“People who demanded that we arrange a meet and greet with a character, or make the character stay when it was time for them to leave (and they didn’t win either of those attempts).”

He also said the biggest idiots were the ones who did no research before turning up.

He continued: “The biggest thing I’ve seen – at every park I’ve been to – are the people who did no research on where they are going and have no clue what’s there.

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“They don’t know what rides are there, what shows, what food, or how much things are.

“They are the ones at Disney that ask where the kiddie rides area is (there isn’t one), or the big roller coasters (for the most part each park might have one. maybe).

“Or ask in the park where to eat and what kind of food is there. Or are shocked at how much everything costs.

“You don’t have to plan everything out, but have a clue before you walk in utterly clueless, spend all that money, then get upset because you didn’t get to see or do much because you weren’t aware.

“Or catch yourself doing things like asking at Epcot how to get to Disney World .”

However, he said loved most of the job where he was “paid to goof off” with the guests, most of which he said were great.

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Thankfully he said most of the job was fun, while working as a photographer


Thankfully he said most of the job was fun, while working as a photographerCredit: Alamy
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