Jenny Craig: New Weight Loss Program for the New Year

Jenny Craig, weight loss and weight management company, today unveiled its newest program: Max Up. Max Up adds new focus and dimension to Jenny Craig’s proven, science-backed methodology, with a fun activity curriculum, Quality of Life assessment and hydration guidance. These new aspects take Jenny Craig’s already simple-to-follow and successful weight loss solutions farther, creating lasting healthy habits with the combined power of intermittent fasting, personalized in-person or virtual coaching, delicious chef- and dietitian-crafted meals, and revolutionary Recharge Bars.             

Max Up is scientifically proven to help people lose weight faster, keep it off and empower lasting change with an easy-to-follow, structured method that works. While on the Max Up program, participants can lose up to 18 pounds* and 5 inches** off their waist size in the first four weeks. For the first time, Max Up participants complete a new digital Quality of Life assessment at the start of their program and every four weeks, which they review with their coach to ensure their goals are being hit. Max Up has also been shown to help participants improve their general health, increase their energy levels and overcome fatigue, feel happier and healthier, create and maintain a more positive mindset, increase their social confidence and more.

*With Max Up, participants can lose up to 18 pounds in the first four weeks. Average weight loss in the study was 15 pounds for those who completed the program and 1 to 2 pounds per week thereafter. **Participants can lose up to five inches in their waist size in their first four weeks on Max Up. Average waist size reduction in study was three inches for those who completed the program.

Max Up also offers participants step by step activity planning and a variety of weekly easy-to-follow activity videos, like steps and strength training, and personalized guidance from their coach. The program also includes a focus on hydration that participants can fit into their lifestyles easily and from the comfort of their homes. The Max Up journey is also supported through new Jenny Craig branded products, including light and medium resistance bands, infuser water bottle and new digital tools, including the wireless Hey Max! Scale and Jenny Craig app. These tools help make tracking easier and help participants monitor their success conveniently whenever, and however, they need with an intuitive visual app, personalized updates, activity content and seamlessly connected scale that acts as a partner to sustained, fast weight loss.

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