In 2022, From the Very Onset, Thailand Welcomes Travellers to Rediscover its Tropical Beaches

Published on : Monday, January 3, 2022

Many people have already started planning out for their vacation for 2022. For the one who are yet to make a decision, the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) has joined up with Leica Camera to launch #RediscoverThailand.

This campaign request people to share photographs of attractions, local people, food, nature and “secret” getaways in reinstating the tourism industry of Thailand. This sleepy village is located in the North of Thailand. Sitting on the edge of a reservoir, it’s well-known for its overwhelming views and pleasant weather. From Mae Hong Son town, it’s 40 kilometres from Myanmar.

Kuo Min Tang soldiers had discovered this village. The uniqueness of this tiny village is that the residents have adhered to their traditions and Yunnan identity. This can be seen in their costumes, language, architecture and cuisine.
In the country, this tropical heaven in the Gulf of Thailand is the fourth largest island and the southernmost of the Koh Chang Island chain.

Koh Kood also known for its gorgeous waterfalls, for instance, the 10-metre-high, Khlong Chao, is in the centre of the west coast. For urban crowds, it’s an ideal place to get away for a quick recharge.

Normally, this small gateway is not on travel itinerary of the people; however, its immaculate Thung Wua Laen beach provides an ideal getaway. The pristine white sand gently slopes into shallow, calm waters, giving beach lovers a perfect opportunity to soak up the sun and wallow in warm waters.

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