May God Help America: The United States recorded 1 Million new COVID infections in the last 24 hours

The Silver lining is: Symptoms are weakening with Omicron on new Corona Virus cases worldwide.

In the United States, 1000 daily new cases were alarming, 10,000 was enormous, 100.000 unbelievable, but today in the United States more than 1 million people were infected in just 24 hours.

This is the first time anywhere in the world the 1 million red line was exceeded by any country.

Travel however continues, no lockdowns, the economy goes on. Omicron and vaccines make it possible.

The opinion is that cases for those vaccinated and boosted will be mild.
Those not vaccinated, not boosted- may God Help them.

Since COVID-19 always works with a delay it’s not clear what this increase in new illnesses means to the economy to continue functioning, to the US health system.

Hawaii just yesterday announced relaxation in travel rules.

In March 2020 a t-shirt saying FU….. the Virus was a best seller in Berlin. Perhaps this is what the attitude is today in the U.S.

Judging from the availability of tests in the U.S. compared to Europe, the U.S. remains a third-world country. The Biden administration admitted last night that it had not yet signed the contract to purchase test kits is embarrassing.

Lines of people trying to get tests anywhere in the land of the free, why in Germany for example tests are available at every street corner and at home free of charge.

The distribution of vaccines worldwide is far from equal and not available in many countries, while 30% of Americans refuse to get vaccinated.

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