The Most Valuable Airline and Hotel Rewards Programs Ranked

Everyone wants to get the best value out of their hard-earned dollars and earn the most back from spending those dollars on travel. Finding the most valuable travel rewards programs can take a lot of research, which is why NerdWallet did the hard work for us.

NerdWallet found the best airline rewards programs and hotel rewards programs of the year, based on how many points are earned per dollar spent and the dollar estimate of every reward point earned.


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There are just as many rewards programs as there are airlines, but some rank better than others. The top five are below:

– Alaska Airlines: Alaska ranks first, with a 9.1 percent rewards rate, which means that flyers earn about 9 cents per every dollar spent with the airline.
– Frontier Airlines: Frontier’s rewards program is the second best, with flyers earning about 7.3 cents per every dollar spent.
– Southwest Airlines: Southwest’s program takes third place, with flyers earning 6.6 cents per dollar spent.
– Hawaiian Airlines: frequent flyers on Hawaiian can earn about 6.3 cents per dollar spent with the airline.
– Delta Airlines: lastly, but certainly not least, is Delta’s rewards program, which gives travelers about 5.4 cents per dollar spent.

What about hotel rewards programs? They’re measured in the rankings by how many dollars a guest earns back after spending $100. The list of the top five are below:

– Radisson Rewards Americas: Radisson’s loyalty program is the best this year, with guests earning about $12 in points for every $100 spent.
– World of Hyatt: Hyatt’s rewards program takes second place, with guests earning about $9.50 per $100 spent.
– Wyndham Rewards: this rewards program is the third best, with guests earning about $9 for every $100 spent.
– IHG Rewards: IHG’s rewards program helps guests earn $8 per every $100 spent at an IHG hotel or resort.
– Best Western Rewards and Marriott Bonvoy: these two loyalty programs are tied in fifth place, with both of them offering guests about $7 per every $100 spent.

If you’re a frequent traveler and enjoy using one or more of these airlines or hotel brands more than others, consider joining a loyalty program, which can help you earn perks like free upgrades, free checked bags and free hotel nights at the properties you love.

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