2022 Travel Guide to Hawaii

Hawai’i is at the pinnacle of many travel bucket lists, but the past two years have been fraught for the Aloha State’s visitor industry, as industry and government leaders struggle to find the balance between protecting the state’s population from COVID-19 and maintaining tourism – the primary driver of Hawai’i’s economy. 

There’s cautious optimism going into 2022, as Hawai’i’s entry requirements change with the nature of the pandemic, and as the screening processes put in place to slow the spread of COVID-19 begin to mature. 

Hawai’i is in an extraordinary position. Discussions on beginning to reign in visitor numbers were just beginning in 2020 at the outset of the pandemic, just before tourism demand took its biggest-ever dive. It rebounded in the Summer of 2020 so quickly that visitor industry infrastructure was stretched to the limits, with frustrating results for everyone involved. 

The new year hopefully promises more stability in Hawai’i’s visitor industry. Hawai’i visitors can hope to return – in ways that contribute to local communities and result in enjoyable, relaxing experiences for visitors. Read on to learn more about vacationing in Hawai’i in 2022.

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