Southwest Airlines Joins Initiative to Advance Sustainability

Southwest Airlines today announced it has joined the Vision 2045 Campaign to help reduce the carrier’s carbon footprint.

Vision 2045 is a collaboration among multiple organizations and companies to share films and resources that aim to inspire businesses and people to take action toward a more sustainable future.


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The airline industry has been under scrutiny to find alternative, sustainable fuel choices. United Airlines, in fact, made the first commercial airline flight with passengers on board using a mix of sustainable fuel this past December.

“Southwest is honored to be part of the Vision 2045 campaign showcasing how the Company is making sustainability a priority through a series of near-term actions and long-term goals, while being the airline with Heart,” Stacy Malphurs, Vice President of Supply Chain Management and Environmental Sustainability for Southwest Airlines, said in a statement. “We’re thrilled to join other organizations from across the globe that are telling their stories and highlighting the collective effort through this innovative campaign.”

Sustainability is a priority for Southwest, and the Vision 2045 campaign highlights the Company’s initiatives to address its environmental impact. This includes a 10-year plan to maintain carbon-neutral growth to 2019 levels while continuing to grow its operations, and a long-term goal to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050.

Here’s a video outlining Southwest’s plan.

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