Kensington Tours Unveils ‘Epic Drives’ Itineraries

Kensington Tours is debuting a collection of curated “Epic Drives by Kensington Tours” itineraries featuring renowned driving routes with premium vehicles.

The itineraries include, but are not limited to, drives through Germany’s Black Forest and Bavaria, South Africa’s wine country, New Zealand’s mountains, the Scottish Highlands and a range of US National Parks.


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“We’re so thrilled to offer these high-octane experiences for those who truly love being behind the wheel,” said Kensington Tours President Helen Giontsis.

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“Epic Drives by Kensington Tours puts you in the driver’s seat for exploring some of the world’s most stunning roads and landscapes, along with the outstanding accommodations and personal touches that are synonymous with Kensington Tours.

“For anyone who’s eager to unleash their passion for driving, it’s the most compelling travel experience in the world today.”

After choosing a route, a Kensington Tours Destination Expert will match clients with vehicles “depending on their driving preferences, road conditions, availability and time of year,” Kensington said.

Tours Destination Experts will also coordinate the trips themselves, including accommodations, attractions and “hidden treasures” throughout the itinerary.

“And at each stop along the way, they arrange for clients to discover the very best of their destination, either with privately guided touring in the company of an expert local guide, or with specially customized local experiences,” Kensington said.

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