Mum left devastated after sister ditches holiday due to spiders in their cottage – but people say SHE is in the wrong

A MUM was left gutted after her sister walked out of a holiday she had paid for – because the lodge was full of spiders.

The mum, who explained the story on Mumsnet, said she was cross that her sister had ruined the “first family holiday” since she had a baby.

A mum was left gutted after her sister left the holiday she paid for due to spiders in the lodge


A mum was left gutted after her sister left the holiday she paid for due to spiders in the lodgeCredit:

She said she had paid for a family holiday to Center Parcs, but they quickly spotted a number of spiders in the lodge, ranging from money spiders to daddy long legs.

Her sister then left the holiday cottage, due to having severe arachnophobia.

The mum wrote: “First off I hate spiders. I really do. Once got a randomer off my local FB to remove one.

“But we are on holiday. First family holiday since baby was born. My sister has left after one night because she can’t cope with the spiders.

“I paid for and organised it. They’re not huge (nothing bigger than a 5p piece). She’s severely arachnophobic, I get that.

“But I’m cross, we have activities planned and she wanted to come and I can’t believe she’s letting this ruin the holiday.”

She said that she didn’t want to be cross but was left sad after she had walked out of a holiday, making the “entire break a waste of time and money”.

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Some people were on her side: “I hate spiders. To the point I have panic attacks if a big one is near me. But to ruin a holiday because of them isn’t on at all.”

Another person agreed: “Absolutely ridiculous behaviour. Ask her for the money back.”

One person even said: “Phobias are real but I wonder how many times she’s left a holiday that she’s paid for.”

However most people were on her sister’s side.

One person said: “If they were everywhere then I’d leave too. I wouldn’t be able to relax or even sleep if the place was crawling with them.”

Someone else said: “I understand her fear and feelings.”

Another person added: “After reading how many, I think you’re unreasonable. I couldn’t stay somewhere with that many.”

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Most people were on her sister's side


Most people were on her sister’s sideCredit: Alamy

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