Hotel guest shares grim view inside her coffee machine and people are shocked

A HOTEL guest has left people horrified after sharing what it really looks like inside a coffee machine.

The scary image was shared on Reddit, with hundreds of people left stunned.

Never use the hotel coffee machine, as a new picture has left people horrified


Never use the hotel coffee machine, as a new picture has left people horrifiedCredit: Reddit

The image was captioned: “An example of why you don’t use the coffee maker in your hotel room…”

An image showed inside the kettle with dirty looking water as well as marks and stains on the walls of the machine.

However, that wasn’t the worst part of it – as there was also a mushroom floating in it.

Reddit users were left disgusted, although lots were not that shocked.

One person wrote: “Never trust a coffee pot that’s not used everyday.”

Someone who claimed to work at a hotel warned: “Those things do not get cleaned.”

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Another person joked: “Mushroom coffee is a real thing and it’s very expensive and you sound ungrateful.”

Lots of people shared their own horror stories of what guests did to coffee machines in their hotel room.

One person wrote: “During my apprenticeship I had to stay overnight and share a room with someone I worked with. In the morning they put their underwear in the kettle to clean them.”

Someone else claimed: “My friends wife was a flight attendant and she told me to never use the hotel coffee makers because flight attendants washed their pantyhose in there. It scarred me.”

And an even worse use for it was revealed: “My dad told me to never use the coffee makers at hotels. Back in his party days he would vomit in the coffee pots.”

It’s not the first time a horrifying discovery was made when staying at a hotel room.

A guest was disgusted to find mould and fungus growing in his bedroom coffee machine after he lifted the lid.

A hotel expert previously explained the first thing to check when entering your hotel bedroom is the coffee machine.

If it is dirty inside, it could be an indicator that the rest of the room hasn’t received much attention from housekeeping staff.

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The picture showed a mushroom floating in the machine


The picture showed a mushroom floating in the machineCredit: Alamy

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