Passenger Gets Trapped in Cruise Ship Waterslide

A viral video captured the moment that a woman on a cruise ship became trapped, suspended over the water on a waterslide.

A passenger became trapped on board Norwegian’s Cruise Lines’ Ocean Loops slide, which the New York Post referred to as a closed tube, double-loop waterslide.

The video, filmed by travel agent @YMGTravels and shared to TikTok, shows the woman failing to gather the momentum to go through one of the loops, stranding her in the middle of the slide, enclosed in the tube and hanging over the water.

The video has been viewed more than 15 million times and is inspiring terror in the comments section.

“I’m having trouble breathing just watching this,” wrote one aghast gawker, while another commented, “Omg my biggest fears unlocked.”

The video concludes with the trapped passenger trying to scoot back to the start of the ride.

The travel agent who shot the footage did note that the woman was able to escape quickly after getting stuck through a side door.

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