At Summit, Majorca shares best practices related to sustainable tourism

Published on : Saturday, March 26, 2022

The Consell de Mallorca, together with the World Tourism Organisation, organizes the “Summit of Sustainable Destinations: Leading the Transformation”. Between 7th and 8th April, the conference will take place at the Palau de Congressos in Palma. The main aim is creating an environment for knowledge exchange and best environmental practice of social and economic sustainability worldwide. From tourism, Majorca has invited key figures, including journalists and academics, to talk about the ways to create real change, start relationships and lead coordinated transformation for a more sustainable industry.

One can take part in person or online by registering here for the summit. The program for two days will aim on problems aligned with the Glasgow agreement, the Sustainable Development Goals and the UNWTO Action Plan. This summit is part of the sustainability strategy of Majorca and will discover areas like water, waste, circular economy, human development and data analysis for sustainable decision making.

At the summit, experts have been invited to be present including academics, well-known business leaders and association directors, in a series of panels and round table discussions. These comprise famous speakers like Jaume Mata, Head of Tourism Sustainability for Visit Valencia; Dirk Glaesser, Director of the Sustainable Development Programme of the UNWTO; Enrique Martínez, President of Segittur; Sandra Benbeniste Millán, Sustainability Director for EMEA Iberostar Hotels; Catalina Alemany, Manager of Corporate Social Responsibility for Riu Hotels; and Stefan Gössling, Professor at Linnaeus University, School of Business and Economics. All of them will share their knowledge and findings at the summit.

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