Celebrating the Lincoln Memorial and Other Great Washington D.C. Sites

The Lincoln Memorial, the massive monument to the revered 16th President of the United States, celebrated its 100-year anniversary on Memorial Day.

The imposing white marble structure, with its huge columns and a stoic, giant statue of a seated Abraham Lincoln, sit at the top of an 87-step climb – a nod to Lincoln’s famous Gettysburg Address during the Civil War that began with the phrase, “Four Score and seven years ago,” or 87 years.

There are more than 160 monuments and memorials in the nation’s capital, so it’s impossible to see them all in just one trip. But here are TravelPulse’s choices for 10 great ones to see in Washington D.C. You’ll be surprised at what we included – and maybe more surprised at what we didn’t.

But no matter what, it’s history on display.

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