The Rise of the Staycation

A new survey suggests a new trend for this year, indicating a rise in desire for closer-to-home adventures and staycations.

The Vacationer surveyed over 1,000 Americans over the age of 18 about their thoughts on staycations and whether they’d consider taking one this year. Of the respondents, over 67 percent of those surveyed said they already have or are planning a staycation. If you apply that percentage to the entire population of the U.S., about 173 million people are planning on taking a staycation this year.


According to the survey, Americans living in the Middle Atlantic region of the nation, in states such as New York and Pennsylvania, are most likely to take staycations. Americans living in the Mountain region, in states such as Montana and Colorado, are least likely to do so.

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So what’s a staycation anyway?

Staycation is a word to describe a closer-to-home vacation or even a period of vacation time spent in one’s own home.

There are a few reasons why staycations have been rising in interest lately.

The first is the pandemic: when travelers were worried about taking plane rides or traveling internationally during the worst parts of the pandemic, some of them took to the roads and explored their own states, or even their own cities, enjoying staying closer to home in places that made them feel safe while also satisfying their wanderlust. The positive memories these travelers have of their pandemic staycations could inspire a greater desire for more of them.

The second reason is more current: gas prices. Some people just don’t feel comfortable spending the money necessary to drive as far as they previously would this summer or to fly. Taking a staycation in your own home or at a nearby city or campground can help cut costs while also allowing travelers to enjoy some time away from their work in a more cost-effective way.

There’s another benefit to staycations: more money saved on things like gas prices and flights can mean longer trips, better accommodations or more money funneled towards experiences, tours and food, which can all enhance the quality of your trip, no matter if the destination’s only 50 miles from home.

If you’re a traveler thinking of more cost-effective ways to enjoy a vacation, perhaps consider taking a staycation. Who knows? Your next favorite destination could be right around the corner.

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