New Ambassadors of Tourism in Italy

ENIT, the National Tourism Agency in Italy, is relaunching tourism promotion and presented the great communication project “Live Italian” in Milan on the 39th floor of Palazzo Lombardia in the presence of the Minister of Tourism, Massimo Garavaglia.

“The concept is precisely that of teamwork,” said the minister, “because we have a very important goal to achieve – that is to return to the numbers of 2019, which was the most important year for Italian tourism.”

The CEO of ENIT, Roberta Garibaldi, said: “Tourism in Italy can and must be the magnet of the restart. Other countries have accelerated on promotion; we respond with this campaign. We also owe it to the operators in the sector who have suffered a lot in these two years.”

Strong suffering, that of the sector, which still today bears the signs of an extremely difficult 2-year period, but which, in the vision of the President of ENIT, Giorgio Palmucci, who was remotely connected from Dubai, says today can afford to hope.

“I think it is extremely important to look with optimism at those signs of recovery and the desire to restart after the pandemic phase that we saw at Easter and the following weekends, Palmucci added.

“International operators are very interested in coming to Italy, given the growth potential of our country.”

The “Live Italian” project focuses heavily on internationalization and cross-mediality around the digital hub of, with a prevalence of a communicative approach to all digital media. Another principle underlined by ENIT is to ride the big events: the Giro d’Italia, Eurosong, and the Olympics.

Finally, partnerships with regions and stakeholders are envisaged, for communication that starts from the territory to guarantee the highest quality. CONI President Giovanni Malagò also sent a message to the Milanese event, which also witnessed various sportsmen. “This international campaign,” he said, “is in full harmony with what we continue to do as the Olympic Committee. People who have given a beautiful and winning image of Italy can attract capital and tourism.”

Two aspects have been highlighted in particular by the Ministry of Tourism: the enhancement of many more centers than the major attractions that suffer from overcrowding and, thanks to the environment, culture and food, and wine, the arrival of a tourist season that lasts all year round. Another important element underlined is the existence of vertical digital content by regions and other subjects directly involved, which can then converge in the hub.

“This campaign,” concluded Garavaglia, “is perfect, because it makes the world aware of all the possibilities of Italy and in all seasons. In this way, we play our game to the end.”

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