The new Kingdom of Buddhism is in Laos

According to Sinxayaram Temple in Laos, it presents the Kingdom of Buddhism in Meuang Feuang. A 90-minute drive from Laos Capital City Vietiane the upgraded compound has been attracting faithful Buddhists from around Laos and Northern Thailand.

Now Sinxayaram Temple became a new tourism hotspot in Laos.

The Sinxayaram Temple grounds, surrounded by mountains and forest, present hundreds of golden Buddha images alongside religious structures and sites. A long red carpet welcomes visitors to a walkway around the temple and leads to several points of interest.

The Sinxayaram Temple in Laos

Visitors will find 1,200 golden Buddhas in sitting positions, where the faithful pray for success. An herb garden dotted with Buddha sculptures offers a place to pray for good health. Other sacred sites include an area to mourn the dead, pray for good fortune and wealth, pray for work advancement, and learn about Buddhism.

Mr Songthon Sodxay oversees Sinxayaram Temple, the faithful flock to the holy grounds during three main Buddhist holidays and cultural festivals.

The Rice Festival (Boun Pha Thay Khao), held in March, honors Laos’ abundance of rice and agriculture. In mid-April, people come to celebrate Songkan (Lao New Year), and later in the year they arrive for the Rocket Festival (Boun Bang Fai) to pray for rain after the dry season.

Nuns come to the monastery throughout the year to maintain their health and calm their minds. He added that laypeople often visit Sinxayaram Temple to worship, meditate, and study Buddhism.

Visit Sinxayaram Temple while staying in nature at Nam Lik riverside accommodation, and walk through the peaceful compound while learning about Buddhism.

Sinxayaram Temple, which is located in Nonhinhae Village.

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