Tree of Life Brings to you the Perfect Summer Retreats to Pamper your Real-life heroes this Father’s Day

Published on : Friday, June 17, 2022

Summer has officially arrived; you and your family have finally gotten that well deserved vacation break to spend time together but, you have no clue where to go? Luckily, Tree of Life Resorts and Hotels has got you covered. The perfect place to spend, bond, and pamper your father this Father’s Day at exquisite properties. The brand has taken the time and effort to provide an escape from the daily grind and experience a luxury getaway packed with numerous fun and exciting activities for everyone; especially for your father. Out of the diverse and serene escape offers provided by Tree of Life Resorts and Hotels, three of the most beautiful properties along with their packed activities will surely catch your attention.

Tree of Life Highlands, Mussoorie

Conveniently located where Landour and Mussoorie meet, away from the noise and crowds, perched on its own hilltop with an amazing 360-degree view of the surrounding mountain ranges. The Standard Hideaway Room starts from INR 16,660 + tax is for a couple. Summer Escape to Mussoorie with Lal Tibba Trek and a High-Tea Experience for a couple once during the stay. Add-on experiences include a one time barbeque experience for the couple as well as special dinner set up all with their respective prices. Furthermore, other rooms include the Premium Mountain View Room starting from INR 20,660 for 2, Junior Suite – INR 24,600 for 2 as well as a Two Bedroom Junior Suite starting from INR 32,660 for 4 all for 2 nights.

That is not all, Tree for Life Resorts and Hotels have keenly chosen activities to keep your children on their feet and relieve them of their boredom, from indoor activities like arts & crafts, card making, gullak and pot paintings for 3500/- to outdoor activities such as Benog wildlife sanctuary Jungle Picnic, Driving distance, Small Hike (2kms) + some jungle cooking at INR 3600 for a group of 4 or less. It doesn’t just stop there, Ikya’s Island Adventure Park Tour exhibits the following Cycling on Wire – Zipline – Water Zorb – Spin off – Burma Bridge – Tyre Bridge – Commando Net – Mountain Climbing – Rappelling – Crazy Wrestling – Stoll Jump. Complimentary activities within the resort include board games, ladders and chess, tambola, badminton, and drawing books and colors.

Tree of Life Junoon in the Hills, Kumaon

Located halfway between Nainital and Ranikhet in the Kumaon Hills, is a place to unwind, relax, and re-discover yourself. Choose your pleasure: friends, family, peaceful contemplation, wandering through the mountains, or catching up on reading and music. Summer Escape to Kumaon with Garden Picnic and a High-Tea Experience for a couple once during the stay. Willow House provides for guests of 2 and 4 for INR 17,000 and 34,000, while the Cedar House provides for 8 guests for INR 85,000, and Exclusive Access for 12 for INR 95,250. Add on experiences include “Call of the Hills” and special dinner set ups for couples with their respective prices. With less restriction on guests giving you a whole group experience, in Kumaon you can do it all.

Tree of Life Grand Oak Manor, Binsar

Beautifully located in the Binsar Wildlife Sanctuary, 25 kilometers from Almora, in the Kumaon Hills (Uttarakhand). General Sir Henry Ramsay, the then British Commissioner of Kumaon and cousin of Viceroy of India Lord Dalhousie, purchased this plot of land and built his private residence in 1856. Summer Escape to Binsar with Garden Picnic and a High-Tea Experience for a couple once during the stay. All Valley view, Mountain view, and writer’s rooms located in this property are packaged for guests of 2 only ranging from INR 17,340, INR 19,040 and INR 20,740, respectively. Perfect for a romantic luxurious getaway from your daily hectic life.

A friendly reminder to keep in mind that the luxurious offers for your stay on these mentioned properties are for 2 nights only and an additional stay for a third night will vary in price.

A summer vacation like no other where you can opt for, a friendly gathering, a family get together or even a romantic getaway, Tree of Life Resorts and Hotels has everything planned and ready for you to enjoy an unforgettable, meaningful, and luxurious experience. Nothing means more than to spend time with your loved ones and Tree of Life assures that you get to do that with everyone’s well deserved time away from their cities. A loaded and evergreen summer filled with fun, laughter and lots of memories for you, your family and friends. Furthermore, the vast opportunities to embrace, connect, and cherish these breathtaking places awaits you till the 30th of September, so don’t wait, hurry and get to booking!

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