Arizona tourism showing powerful revival

Of late, the Arizona Office of Tourism has unveiled a new research reaffirming that Arizona has sealed its position as a top-tier travel destination.

The state is ahead of the national average in post-pandemic tourism revival process, as per the research.

Arizona outshined the national rate both in terms of visitor spending and overnight stays in 2021. Arizona picked up 87% of its 2019 overnight visitor rate and 92% of the 2019 spending rate of the visitors.

Besides, in the state of Arizona, overnight visitors spent $23.6 billion which falls just short of $25.6 billion of 2019. The 2021 data shows that visitors have spent $64.7 million on an everyday basis.

Doug Ducey, Arizona Governor, said that it’s not a shocker to see huge number of people coming to visit Arizona. Arizona tourism translates into financial profits for communities statewide, directly. This is major evidence to the efforts of Director Debbie Johnson, the AOT team and all people who are working day and night all over the state to perk up its tourism industry.

The tourism numbers on the county level are starting to rise upwards at the same time. Around 8 of 15 counties, in 2021 got completely recovered or they have exceeded the levels of 2019 in terms of visitor spending.

From 2020 to 2021, the year-over-year rise in tourism brought in $3.4 billion in federal, state and local taxes.

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