Flight attendant reveals the annoying traits passengers have – and how to get free booze with your soft drink

FLIGHT attendants have revealed the passenger traits that they find most irritating.

Dealing with customers mid-flight can be a very stressful occupation and several cabin crew members have come together to discuss the things that annoy them the most while at work.

Flight attendants have revealed the behaviour they hate from their passengers


Flight attendants have revealed the behaviour they hate from their passengersCredit: Getty

In a post on Reddit, flight attendants were asked if there was anything passengers could do to make their lives easier while at work.

One said that they hated passengers not acknowledging them properly and claimed some people take their anger out on the cabin crew for things out of their control.

They wrote: “Looking me in the eye when I say “Hello” or “Welcome aboard” and actually responding back that isn’t a grunt. That always stands out to me.

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“If your flight is delayed, not coming onboard angry at us is nice too, as it isn’t our fault and we also hate delays.

“Please and thank you. If you order coffee tell me exactly how you want it made.

“You have no idea how much that makes me happy.”

Another simply requested that their passengers be hygienic before getting on the plane, saying: “Bathe before coming on board.”

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Several said they hated passengers who didn’t take their headphones out or pause their films when talking to the cabin crew.

One wrote: “Take 15 seconds and pause your movie or show or music to order your drink and snack.

“I shouldn’t have to waive a napkin in your face to get your attention after serving 5 other people in your row.”

One even incentivised better behaviour from passengers, offering free booze in exchange for politeness.

They said: “If you so much as smile and me, and ask my about my day i’m going to offer you a woodford reserve to go with your dr. pepper.”

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If that doesn’t work, another flight attendant has also revealed ways to get free drinks out of your cabin crew.

Meanwhile, this cabin crew member explained why they sometimes lie to passengers during a flight.

One said they would offer free drinks to polite passengers


One said they would offer free drinks to polite passengersCredit: Getty – Contributor

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