What’s in a name? Countries inspiring baby names in US

Choosing a name for your new baby, that will last a lifetime, is an incredibly personal decision. Lately some parents get a little more creative when thinking up potential baby names, opting for the naming a child after their favorite travel destination, honeymoon spot, or some famous location.

Which travel baby names are becoming the most popular in the US? And the names of which global locations are becoming a commonplace on US birth certificate? 

From India to Ireland, new research reveals the destinations inspiring the most baby names in the United States.

The top 10 countries that inspire the most baby names in the USA

  1. Israel – 33380 boys, 2893 girls, 36273 US total
  2. India – 0 boys, 9207 girls, 9207 US total
  3. Kenya – 312 boys, 8815 girls, 9127 US total
  4. America – 0 boys, 8876 girls, 8876 US total
  5. Malaysia – 0 boys, 8154 girls, 8154 US total
  6. Ireland – 85 boys, 5150 girls, 5235 US total
  7. Egypt – 519 boys, 3162 girls, 3681 US total
  8. Italy – 0 boys, 1489 girls, 1489 US total
  9. Trinidad – 717 boys, 397 girls, 1114 US total
  10. China – 0 boys, 996 girls, 996 US total

The most popular country to name your baby after in the USA is Israel, with a total 36,273 babies receiving the name. This is far more than any other country in our study and shows that the name Israel is also becoming popular for girls as well as boys.

India is the country with the second-highest number of babies named after it in the USA with a total of 9,207. India has incredible cultural sites, such as the Golden Temple and the Taj Mahal, each of which makes it a truly memorable vacation destination.

In third place, with 9,127 US babies named after it, is Kenya. From traversing Mount Kilimanjaro to going on safari in the Maasi Mara Reserve to witnessing the epic migration of wildebeest, there are endless reasons why a visit to Kenya would leave a lasting impression that could even inspire your choice of baby names!

Further study insights: 

  • The capital city that inspires the most baby names in the USA is London with 44,556 babies taking the name. 

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