Amadeus Partners With Aimendo To Improve Efficiency for Travel Advisors

Amadeus announced a new partnership with Aimendo to automate various forms of written communication through artificial intelligence, machine learning and natural language processing.

Aimend’s natural language automation is integrated into the Amadeus ecosystem through Amadeus Web Services, as well as the agency’s current system to execute specific actions to help improve business travel agents’ efficiency.


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In addition to automating everything from emails to chat and short messages, more complicated requests may be automatically forwarded to the correct person, queue or department.

Travel agencies retain full control over what to automate based on their specific configuration, even as Aimendo’s extracting, routing and processing requests average a 90-92 percent success rate.

“Aimendo’s mission is to transform organizations through smart technology,” Aimendo co-founder Vic Pynn said. “We’re proud to be partnering with a leading technology company like Amadeus, that is driving innovation in the travel sector. Working together, we’re going to make a real impact in the future of travel.”

“Our alliance with Aimendo is aligned with Amadeus’ unwavering strategy to expand the integration of valuable technology that brings innovation for greater efficiencies and productivity to our customers,” Amadeus Head of Travel Sellers, North America, Robert Buckman said.

Customer service is a travel agency’s most significant differentiator in a crowded marketplace. With this enhanced level of automation at their fingertips, advisors can serve travelers more efficiently while increasing focus on the human side of the business.

With staffing shortages and budget constraints adding pressure to do more with less to meet business demand, automating tasks is an effective way to enable agents to focus on building relationships with their customers and solving more complex problems.

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