Amanda Winkle Promoted to Chief Operating Officer for IMG

WHY IT RATES: Winkle will serve as the primary driver and executor of the company’s growth initiatives. –Janeen Christoff, TravelPulse Managing Editor

International Medical Group (IMG), an award-winning global insurance benefits and assistance services company, is pleased to announce that Amanda Winkle, formerly the Chief Commercial Officer, has been appointed as Chief Operating Officer.

In this role, Amanda will oversee the commercial, information technology, and operations functions of IMG, and she will serve as the primary driver and executor of the company’s growth initiatives. Through Amanda’s vast experience, expertise, and leadership, this move will ultimately help position IMG to achieve faster growth in the marketplace.

“I am honored to take on this new role within IMG,” said Winkle. “Throughout my tenure at IMG, I’ve worked incredibly hard to drive IMG’s vision and strategy forward. I look forward to continuing this trend in my expanded role.”

In her time as Chief Commercial Officer, Amanda has overseen the tremendous growth of IMG’s insurance products and been key to the creation and deployment of the company’s assistance services products to corporate clients. She has worked closely with IMG President and CEO, Steve Paraboschi, to position IMG as the preeminent provider of travel and health safety solutions.

“Amanda has been instrumental in the strategic growth and marketplace success we have had as a company during her time as our Chief Commercial Officer,” said Paraboschi. “We are proud to recognize her hard work and dedication through this new role, and I am confident Amanda will continue to drive industry-leading results as our Chief Operating Officer.”

Amanda has a long and successful history with IMG. She began her career in the insurance industry as an Account Manager for the company in May 2000. From there, Amanda went on to serve 10 years as the National Sales Director of UnitedHealthOne, Inc. before returning to IMG. Beginning in 2013, she served as IMG’s Vice President of International Sales for six years before transitioning into her position as Chief Commercial Officer where she served for nearly three years. Throughout her entire career, Amanda’s distribution management capabilities have prevailed and allowed her to drive success in a variety of roles.

Due to this appointment, IMG is actively recruiting for the role of Chief Commercial Officer.

SOURCE: IMG press release.

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