Is this the best airport in the world – Texas departures lounge now has a gamers room with 22 consoles

AN AIRPORT has improved the waiting experience for its passengers by installing gaming lounges.

Dallas Fort Worth airport in Texas has installed two of the lounges filled with consoles in its E and B terminals.

The airport has Playstation 4 consoles with lounge chairs, 4K TVs, headphones and charging ports


The airport has Playstation 4 consoles with lounge chairs, 4K TVs, headphones and charging portsCredit: Getty

In terminal B there are 14 individual gaming stations that come equipped with a PlayStation 4 Pro.

Each console is pre-loaded with the latest games, a lounge chair, 43″ 4K TV, premium gaming headphones, charging ports for electronic devices and space to store luggage.

The terminal E lounge has 22 of the gaming stations, offering the same.

Dallas isn’t the only airport to offer the gaming lounges to passengers.

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Terminals 3 and 6 at Los Angeles airport have the stations, as does terminal E at Charlotte Douglas airport.

Houston’s William P. Hobby airport will also be getting one in the near future.

Gaming travellers will have to part ways with their cash if they want to make use of the consoles, with prices ranging from $15.99 (£14) for 30 minutes to $39.99 (£35) for unlimited gaming.

Several users responded to a picture of the gaming lounge on social media site Reddit, with some very impressed.

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One wrote: “I found this when I had an 8 hour layover. Helped pass the time for sure.”

Another said: “Have a layover there on my upcoming flights this month both ways. Very cool to see.”

Others however were put off by the price and a couple of other issues they could see.

One wrote: “I’m not paying what would be at least 2 months subscription cost of any game just to take up 1 hour at the airport. Rich gamer section.”

A second added: “Those controllers are gonna be real gross.”

For those not interested in spending money to be entertained at airports, a traveller has revealed five free things you can get in terminals.

Tiktoker @girlvsglobe showed how she kills time while waiting for flights without spending a penny.

They include WiFi, water, soft play areas, magazines and some beauty products, with testers in the duty free lounge there for travellers to try out.

Luggage tags are also available for free at airports, so travellers can mark their bags.

However, some people have warned about putting home addresses on it – as it puts your house at risk if the bag is stolen.

A travel expert told USA Today: “Don’t list your home address on luggage tags.

“Play it safe by using electronic luggage tags, or by listing only your basic contact information on a luggage tag.

“Virtually everyone within an airport can see the information written on your suitcase tag, so limiting the personal information while providing enough for the airline to return lost luggage is key.

“Most experts agree that if you can avoid listing your home address, you will be less likely to be targeted for a robbery while you are away.”

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An airline worker revealed how to keep kids entertained at airports.

The lounge is one of two found in terminals at Dallas Fort Worth airport


The lounge is one of two found in terminals at Dallas Fort Worth airportCredit: Reddit

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