Brits reveal the most embarrassing things they’ve done on a plane – and you’ve probably done them too

BRITS have revealed the most embarrassing things they have been caught doing on a plane which left them red-faced.

And you have probably done a few of them yourself.


Passengers admit to why they have been left red-faced on a flight – and you probably have too[/caption]

Online travel agent Opodo conducted a study that spoke to 10,000 people, 2,000 of which were Brits.

The study found that the most embarrassing thing passengers have been caught doing is snoring on the plane.

While sleeping on a plane can be hard, the upright seats in economy are likely to cause this problem if you do get some shuteye.

Another embarrassing thing was to be caught removing their shoes.

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While this isn’t usually frowned upon, having bare feet can be rude in the cabin, as can walking to the bathroom without any shoes on.

We revealed why you should always take the hotel slippers for this reason, as they are great on flights.

Other awkward moments include being caught stealing someone else’s food, or having an embarrassing item fall from their bag.

Surprisingly, just one per cent of Brits asked said they had been caught joining the Mile High Club.

This compares to 16 per cent of people from the US.

Sitting in the wrong seat, singing loudly and stealing blankets and pillows from the plane were other things Brits were left red-faced when caught doing.

Thankfully, Brits seem to be the most well-behaved compared to other nationalities, with a higher percentage of Americans and Germans admitting to these awkward moments.

From being too noisy to hogging the armrest – there are countless ways people can irritate you during your journey.

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Here are some other annoying habits from passengers during a flight.

And a flight attendant has revealed the three most annoying things passengers do on a plane.


Snoring and taking the wrong seat are just some of the embarrassing in-flight behaviors[/caption] Read more from the source page

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