Expert reveals mistakes families make when booking holidays – and it could be costing you money

AN EXPERT has revealed the mistakes that families make when booking holidays that could be costing them money.

With the October half-term approaching, families may be looking for a chance to get away for a last bit of sun before winter arrives.

The time that people book holidays could have an impact on the price


The time that people book holidays could have an impact on the priceCredit: Getty

However, they could be overspending on their trips, if they don’t follow the advice of the experts at Travel Lens.

They listed five things that families can do to save money when planning a holiday.

1. Don’t book on a weekend

Weekends are often seen as the best time to both plan and book holidays.

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However, the more people are looking at flights online, the more prices are likely to increase.

If you’re wanting to save money, then opt to book a holiday on a Monday or Tuesday when demand is lower.

2. Compare airport prices

It makes perfect sense that when booking a holiday, you’ll select to depart from your nearest airport, but it’s worth comparing prices first.

Not all holidays are the same price from all UK airports, so carry out some research to see if you can save money by departing from a different airport.

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3. Clear all cookies on your device

If you have been browsing holidays for a while, the website you have been using will more than likely use cookies, which means it will know how many times you have visited.

This can increase the costs of holidays.

Clearing the cookies means the website will see you as a new user, which could potentially save you money.

4. Book your holiday in advance

Last-minute holiday deals are better suited to couples or families who have savings to spare.

Booking your holiday far in advance not only means you can budget for the payments you’ll have to make each month, but you can also take advantage of seasonal deals.

5. Don’t be fooled by UK temperatures

July and August are known for being the best months for a holiday due to high temperatures but don’t be put off going abroad later in the year.

Although October half term in the UK is cold and often wet, the same can’t be said for destinations such as Lanzarote and Tenerife, where temperatures can still reach 26C and will be less busy compared to other months.

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Temperatures are still warm in places in Europe throughout October


Temperatures are still warm in places in Europe throughout OctoberCredit: Getty

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