Theme park bans new iPhones from rollercoasters after emergency services problem

GUESTS have been told not to bring certain phones on rides at a theme park because of a very strange problem.

Many people with the new iPhone 14 Pro may not be aware of a little function it has that is set off on fast rides.

The new iPhones have been set off on rollercoasters, leading to the ban at Chessington


The new iPhones have been set off on rollercoasters, leading to the ban at ChessingtonCredit: Free for editorial use

The new iPhone has an emergency contact feature that activates when it thinks the user has been in a crash, with the phone automatically calling the emergency services.

Due to some rides going as fast as a speeding car, many phones are incorrectly assuming the holder has been in an accident.

Because of this Chessington World of Adventures has banned the devices from a selection of their rides, including Vampire, Rattlesnake, Croc Drop, The Adventure Tree Carousel and Seastorm.

Kristina Wilson, Head of Rides and Attractions at Chessington said; “Following the recent reports that theme park rides may trigger the new iPhone 14 to dial emergency services, we have decided to implement an iPhone 14 ban on select rides and attractions. 

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“While the exhilarating high speed and free-falling rides such as Vampire, Rattlesnake and Croc Drop are subject to the ban, we have also made the decision to apply it to family favourites; The Adventure Tree Carousel and Seastorm, in case the slow moving roundabout or the impending doom of a shipwreck also sets off an alert.”

Chessington is not the only theme park to ban the phones either..

In America, Dollywood has put signs up near two of their fastest rides.

They warn: “Cell phones and other devices should not be brought aboard any attraction.

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“Due to the dynamic movement you will experience on this ride, Apple Watches and similar devices may activate their emergency call function.

“To prevent your device from making unintended 911 calls, please turn it off or enable airplane mode.”

According to Business Insider, 39-year-old Sara White had her phone on her when she went on Mystic Timbers, a rollercoaster at Kings Island in Ohio which can go as fast as 53mph.

This set her phone off, which then automatically called emergency services to the park after it said the user had been in a “severe car crash and was not responding”.

The feature works by giving a 10-second warning to cancel the response, otherwise texts emergency contacts and calls the emergency services.

Local authorities said that another six calls had occurred for the same reason.

Some rollercoasters have boxes or lockers for people to put bags and phones in during fast rides.

An Apple spokesperson said they were improving the function but that it was “extremely accurate” during crash situations.

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The Sun tested the iPhone 14 – here is everything you need to know about it.

And here are some other safety features on your iPhone you should set up.

The function has already caused problems at theme paks in the US


The function has already caused problems at theme paks in the USCredit: Apple

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