Ian Gooding-Edghill Named Barbados Tourism Minister

Ian Gooding-Edghill will become Barbados’ tourism minister effective September 26, replacing Senator Lisa Cummins, said Mia Mottley, the country’s prime minister. The appointment of Gooding-Edghill, currently Barbados’ minister of health and wellness, is part of a cabinet reshuffling Mottley said will improve the efficiency of government.”

Gooding-Edghill, a former human resources director with Elegant Hotels Group, has “spent his entire life in the tourism industry” said Mottely.


Dr. Jerome Walcott will take over from Gooding-Edghill as minister of health and wellness, while Cummins will now be responsible for energy and business development, with an emphasis on international business and trade.

Speaking at a Barbados Labour Party conference, Mottley said Cummins’ training was in foreign trade and diplomacy and she was previously responsible for the Barbados Coalition of Industries and Service Providers.

“I have now like any good captain to make some adjustments again to make sure that we will extract the best and the most that we can extract in order for us to wrestle down these challenges that are within our capacity to fight. We need to come together strong to fight dem other ones,” Mottley said.

She added, “The adjustments are intended to strengthen the government’s hand to deal with the issues that are before us. I have confidence that we can do it.”

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