Passenger refuses to swap plane seats with mum & kid and it doesn’t go down well

A WOMAN has sparked a debate about swapping seats on flights, after rowing with mum and her child who’d been split into two different rows.

The passenger was on a flight with her husband after a trip celebrating their wedding anniversary, where they were sat in the seats they’d chosen.

The child was sat on his own after the mum hadn't chosen seats before the flight (stock image)


The child was sat on his own after the mum hadn’t chosen seats before the flight (stock image)Credit: Getty

However, sat between them was a mother who’d ended up separated from her child, who was sat in the seat in front, and she was insistent on one of them swapping with the boy.

She wrote on Reddit: “A mother boarded the plane with her maybe 6-ish year old kid. The kid was sat in the middle seat of the row in front of us and the woman between us.

“The woman realised that we were together and asked if I wanted to switch seats with her, to which I responded no and said that I like aisle and he likes window so we were fine.”

“The flight started to take off and her kid started squealing and screaming with joy like he was really excited and the guys sitting with the kid got annoyed and asked him to calm down.

I'm a mum - how to get passengers to swap seats on flights without the drama
I refused when a woman demanded I switch seats on the plane - who's right?

“The mom saw this and asked if it’s ok for me to move to his middle seat so she could sit with the kid and take my aisle, but I politely denied and said the kid looked under control by that point.

“Then she started screaming at my husband and said, ‘It’s a good thing you don’t have kids because your wife definitely doesn’t know how to be a mom and what it takes’.

“The flight was full, the cabin crew couldn’t help and the whole flight she tried to elongate her legs to our sides or crisscross her legs on the seat, took both the arm rests, snored and slept and poured water on me.”

The woman received a lot of support from other people, including one who wrote: “I hate people who feel entitled to inconvenience others because their ‘needs’ are more important than anyone else’s.”

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A flight attendant chimed in and said: “Flight attendant here. You don’t have to relinquish your selected seat for anybody if you don’t want to, it’s yours.”

There are often ways to get around plane seating charges so you can sit with your family for free.

Money Saving Expert published a guide to dodging seat reservation fees – and highlighted how much it could save a family jetting off on holiday.

Checking in as early as possible can help. There are no guarantees, but many airlines say that their booking systems will always try to seat those who booked together with each other.

If you’re travelling with a child, you should be able to sit with them and airlines such as British Airways, TUI, Virgin Atlantic, Air France, KLM and Thomas Cook guarantee children under 12 will sit with an adult.

The kid started annoying the passengers around him when the plane took off (stock image)


The kid started annoying the passengers around him when the plane took off (stock image)Credit: Getty

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